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Importing & Supplying

Sun City has 15 years of experience in finishing material and furniture supply chain. Furthermore, we streamline the manufacturing process from start to finish, without compromising on quality. And because each project has its own characteristics and requirements, we customise our approach to perfectly fit your business goals....

Consultancy & Recommendation

Sun City team has professional experience in supplying the finishing material building & furniture industry. Our experienced engineers are familiar with technical specification, types, features and proper prices. For that we offer our customer a wide selection of purchase suggestions according to .......

Budget Control

Sun City team provides a reasonable and tailored budget solutions for residential and commercial projects by controlling the supply chain of finishing material and furnishing. Our database system includes a variety of manufacturers across the world that enable us to design and offer proposals at different prices from high-end, middle-end and .........

Offering a wide range of products

Customer Service Process

We perform full-process quality control for products and projects. Our engineers, quality control and inspection team will ensure your project is efficiently on track from sketch to sample, and from mass production to final shipping.

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Step 02
Design & Develop
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Step 04
Mockup Room
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Step 06
Design & Develop
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Our culture believe about the early detection of defects leads to quick resolution and support of on-time delivery. Therefor, the Maintaining our high quality control standards has led to satisfied customers and increased loyalty and future orders. We have a different stages of quality inspection for products to avoid any problem as following :

To avoid quality-related surprises, during or
after production, SunCity takes all steps to:

  • Guarantee material ordering,
  • Supply raw material 100% ready for production,
    Conduct quality checks,
  • Consider lab testing services for quality assurance
    on final products.

To avoid potentially catastrophic
surprises, when approx. 20% of
production is complete, SunCity team:

  • Monitor ¬†production,
  • Review processes,
  • Examine capacity,
  • Test sample of goods

To ensure the product meets standard
specifications, when 80% of our order is
complete, and before settling final
payment to the factory, SunCity team
closely supervise the following:

  • All finishing testing and screening
  • Re-check on material durability
  • Checklist review on all supply and turn-key
  • Review the goods packing

For flawless delivery, and banning errors
of size of shipment, damage in packaging
of goods and to safeguard cargo handling,
SunCity team:

  • Attend the on-loading of cargo
  • Ensure security of chambers
  • Pile up all consignments and document controls
    required to escort the goods at the receiving ports.
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