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FF&E Procurement

Our proficient procurement team will manage the complete cycle of the sourcing, negotiation, purchasing, and installation of all furniture, fixtures, and equipment requirements  needs. From inception to installation, we oversee every step ensuring a seamless process, identifying cost-saving opportunities throughout the entire process.

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Finishing Material Supply

Sun City has 15 years of experience in the finishing material supply chain. We use our global supplier network to obtain the greatest value for products based on the functionality of usage for each project. The Sun City team provides finishing material items from various brand name manufacturers all over the world, such as flooring, […]

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FF&E Contractor

We specialize as a procurement contractor, working collaboratively with our procurement team. Our role involves supplying all FF&E products specified by interior designers to furnish and equip interiors. This includes various items such as furniture, bespoke bedroom case goods, artwork, lighting, carpeting, doors, joinery works, kitchen equipment, sanitary ware appliances, and more. We ensure that […]

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Value Engineering

We constantly assist clients in locating alternate solution of furniture and finishing materials that are the most cost effective. The best time to consider value engineering of furnishing and finishing materials is before tender. For that Since the beginning, we've been working alongside the architectural & interior designer as part of the professional method. However, […]

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Sun City UK's team completes the entire process. We provide a single point of contact to support you throughout the project, from project inception to project completion. We begin with a case study of drawing evaluation, project requirements, review specification, quantification, cost estimation, proposal submission, order preparation, until delivery to the project site.
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Project Review
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Purchase Order
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Mock Up
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Step 6
Quality Inspection
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Fit-Out & Supervision

Our Solutions

Hotel Furniture Solutions

The suitable furniture may boost the visitor experience, add to the overall ambience, and provide a sense of luxury. A hotel's furniture should be practical and comfortable.

You can find hospitality furniture “commercial furniture”, is found in high-traffic places such as hotels, restaurants, bars, pubs, and cafes. Examples of these include headboards and beds, nightstands, coffee tables, vanities, minibars, dining tables, chairs, banquet seats, and so on. The quality of commercial-grade standards are stability, durability, and weight testing. it is also made to be long-lastingly resilient and simple to maintain.

The Sun City UK team may thus assume accountability for the targeted FF&E procurement, designing and planning of the hospitality furniture.

Workspace Furniture Solutions

The workplace is the actual place where most people spend their days; while there are times when devotion and focus are necessary, people also can't give up their opportunities for socialising and relaxation. Companies understand how much an employee's physical and mental health, and consequently their productivity, may be impacted by their workplace.

As a result, workplaces have evolved into more casual and flexible spaces known as "smart offices." A smart office is characterised by a flexible layout, where employees can move freely without any obstacles within "traditional" working spaces, focus areas, and areas for interaction or relaxation.

Precisely for this reason the Sun City UK's team it is possible to take responsibility for the focused planning, designing, and FF&E procurement of the workplace, which is implemented through the integration between home furnishings and office furniture.

Educational Furniture Solutions

The use of educational furniture can have a big impact on student learning. When well-made furniture provides the ideal balance of comfort and support, it can: Improve focus and concentration. Facilitate teamwork and collaborative efforts by implementing readily adjustable arrangements. Educational furnishings and equipment are among the most important elements of a setting that is favorable to learning. Let's look at educational furniture and how crucial it is to having a successful learning environment.

Educational furniture includes things like projector screens, whiteboards, bulletin boards, tables, seats, and storage units. The Sun City UK procurement’s team may be in charge of all specifics about the educational institution's acquisition of specified furnishings and equipment.

Sanitaryware & Accessories

We are committed to providing high-quality, trend-driven products for designing attractive bathrooms to our global project base. We supply for projects in the hospitality, commercial, educational, and healthcare sectors. Our key strength is our capacity to collaborate with our clients at every stage of each project, from the design idea stages to assure product compatibility and compliance, to project delivery to the job site.
In addition, we supply accessible bathroom accessories, sanitary ware, and Doc M packs to projects that enrich experiences and promote dignity, particularly for the disabled, less abled, or elderly, in accordance with BS8300 to limit the risk of physical damage to individuals using the facility.


Through our domestic and global partnerships, Sun City UK has extensive experience in providing a large-scale producer of bespoke timber doors and fire retardant (FD30, FD60, FD90) doors to contractors, big housing developments, hotels, leisure facilities, and commercial projects. The projects could benefit from a wide range of solid wood doors, glass wood doors, MDF-PVC flush doors, and wood veneer doors.

Lighting Design & Decorative Lighting

Lighting design entails far more than simply selecting attractive fixtures. Our lighting designers collaborate to create contemporary lighting schemes for commercial projects, hotels, workspace residential, education, gardens, restaurants, bars, and cafes.
An assortment of professional building lighting for any setting. Lamps used to illuminate common areas in public places, such as entrance areas, corridors, and rooms in hospitality facilities, seating and tables in bars, cafes, and restaurants, gardens, and green spaces. The decorative lighting contains variety of solutions in a contemporary design, as well as several LED lighting options for indoor and outdoor settings.

Artworks for Hotels

Sun City UK, through our primary specialised suppliers such as art galleries or manufacturers, provides unique artworks of hotel from conception to completion. We offer a diverse range of artwork to complement hotel interiors, spas, bars, and restaurants, including Framed Art, Bespoke Sculptures, and wall art manufacturing all the way up to artworks on canvas. The options are limitless on a large spectrum of variability.

Hotel Accessories & Amenities

One of the services we give that goes above and beyond the standard is the ability to supply a variety of high-quality 'Bespoke Products' that are specifically designed to your hotel. We provide a variety of bespoke hotel products such as wood bespoke accessories such as Hotel Tea serving tray, tissue box covers, Wooden Slatted Amenities Tray and more. We also provide a choice of exquisite hotel bathrobes, towels, and slippers. We also provide bedding linen and pillowcases. All are meticulously crafted from the best Egyptian cotton quality yarns.
We take care to add a touch of comfort and cosiness to your hotel's guest rooms.

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