About Us

About Us

The Company

Sun City Projects UK was founded in 2020 as a regional branch of the parent company Sun City-Egypt that has been in the market with a successful track record for over 15 years.

Currently Sun City caters its comprehensive services to potential clients in different countries (i.e. Egypt, Kuwait, Dubai and Oman). These are curated and supported by professional engineers with an aim to deliver goods supply and quality control conforming to required specifications.
oUR Products

Decorative Items & Furniture Solution Provider

Sun City-UK provides the international clients with a diversity of solutions products’ selections, imported from different factories across the world directly into their construction projects. These are, curated and supported by professional engineers, to deliver the validated and inspected goods that surely meet the specified standards.
Sun City-UK team have a broad range of experience in supplying commercial goods for projects that conform to optimal standards. For example, providing facade cladding, floors, doors, lights and furniture for hotels, offices, education and residential providers.
Sun City takes responsibility of overseas projects in terms of their supply chain management. Sun City provides necessary supplying service required for overseas projects such as finishing materials, hotel furniture, office furniture, educational furniture etc.
The best at what we do

Sun City Fundamentals

Our cornerstone objectives are circled around promoting sustainability and value for our customers. This is supported through our:
Passionate commitment to excellence.
Appraised ethical management.
Providing satisfactory service.
Working with people who share our passion.
Delivering superior services and added value for our customers.
Our mission is to provide a professional, reliable and trusted brand and personalized services, whilst maintaining a commercial and flexible approach to satisfy and exceed needs of our clients.

For a greater market share, Sun City continues to utilise its technical expertise in:
Supply furniture for hotels, education and commercial institutions and entities
Supply decorative material.
Setting up projects’ and products’ technical specification.
Quality control & inspection.
Through our well-designed promoted services, we envision our future as a leading contracting and products consulting service provider locally and regionally.

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