FF&E Procurement


FF&E Procurement

Sun City UK has years of experience as a provider of furniture, fixtures, and equipment in a range of industries. We have a wide range of relationships with prominent firms, allowing us to give our customers the best items within their budget and project needs. We work directly with architects, designers, construction firms, and the customer to create high quality, one-of-a-kind interiors in our specialist sectors of hospitality and leisure, office and workspace fit-out, and education.
We will obtain prices from a selection of vendors who have lead times that satisfy project timelines, budgets, and product quality standards. After selecting vendors, we establish and handle purchasing orders. Fabric, material, and colour swatch samples are ordered to ensure that the design integrity is maintained. Then we'll place the purchase order, and at that point, we'll go to the factory and examine the quality of the items before packing and handling the logistics and transportation to the project site by a third party under our supervision.
Finally, we give the essential information to assist in the organisation of the delivery and installation of all FF&E components. Also, we assist in final inspection, ensuring that everything is in its place and ready to welcome guests.

Our FF&E philosophy is built on our client receiving products correctly the first time, within budget.
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