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Sun City has 15 years of experience in finishing material and furniture supply chain. Furthermore, we streamline the manufacturing process from start to finish, without compromising on quality. And because each project has its own characteristics and requirements, we customise our approach to perfectly fit your business goals.


Sun City team import products from different manufacturers around the world directly to project owner/contractors so our customers are not bearing any additional cost for handling and storing products in warehouses. Therefore, the higher the quantity of orders, the greater the saving and profit to owner/contractor of the project.


Sun City handles all kinds of material provision, paired with quality inspection services to ensure the product meets required physical specifications. This includes testing, screening, reviewing checklist of products, checking packing and pre-shipping container loading.


This applies as equally to American, British, or European standards that are stipulated in parallel to the demanded supplies, according to the contracted project.


Sun City team has professional experience in supplying the finishing material building & furniture industry. Our experienced engineers are familiar with technical specification, types, features and proper prices. For that we offer our customer a wide selection of purchase suggestions according to the requirements of their project. Choosing us as your consultant saves your time and avoids any unnecessary problems.

Budget Control

Sun City team provides a reasonable and tailored budget solutions for residential and commercial projects by controlling the supply chain of finishing material and furnishing. Our database system includes a variety of manufacturers across the world that enable us to design and offer proposals at different prices from high-end, middle-end and economic to meet customer’s budgets without compromising good quality.

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